Idaho along the Salmon River         (click on image to enlarge)
The River of No Return - Up River
The River of No Return - Down River
The River of No Return - Farther Down River
River of No Return - Sometimes It's Peaceful
Mountain Sheep - Down River
Along Trail in Sawtooth Mountains
Montana ghost town, Bannack
View Out Front Door of Hotel Meade
Hotel Meade & Saloon
View from Inside Bannack Saloon
View Out Window of Ovitt Store
They Call It a Ghost Town . . .
Wild Flowers & Mountain Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains
Boisduval's Blue Moth
Mountain Sheep - Down River
Lake Area of Sawtooth Mountains
Still Life Scenes in Bannack
View Out the Back Door of Roe-Graves House
Methodist Church
Graveyard Outside Bannack
Wild Flowers Near Sawtooth Mountains